How to Travel from San José or Liberia to Playa Potrero ?

Traveling to Playa Potrero from San José or Liberia opens up a world of adventure in the beautiful region of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Whether you are arriving by vehicle, bus, shuttle, or private transfer, there are multiple options to suit your preferences and budget.


By Vehicle

If you are driving, using Waze for navigation is highly recommended. Waze adjusts routes based on real-time traffic, ensuring you reach Playa Potrero efficiently.
Keep in mind that tolls amount is approximately $6USD.

By Bus

For those opting for public transportation, TIG (Intelligent Transport of Guanacaste) offers bus services to Playa Flamingo, just 2km from Villas Pura Vibra in Playa Potrero. From Playa Flamingo, taxis are readily available or can be arranged by contacting us.
The cost per way is around $25USD.

By Shuttle

For a more comfortable journey with air conditioning and fewer stops, shared shuttles are an excellent choice. Interbus operates daily shuttles from various points in San José, arriving at Playa Potrero in the early afternoon.
Costs for shuttle services are around $60USD per person.

By Private Transfer

For a personalized experience, private transfers are available. Contact us to arrange a taxi from San José directly to our hotel Villas Pura Vibra.
Private transfers generally range between $300-$500USD.


From Liberia Airport

Upon arrival at Liberia Airport, private transfers can be arranged with our hotel Villas Pura Vibra or through specialized companies.
Cost is around $120USD.

From Liberia City Center

If traveling from Liberia city center, buses to Playa Flamingo are available. It takes approximately 2 hours, depending on traffic. From Playa Flamingo, various options exist to reach Playa Potrero, including walking, taking a taxi, or catching the Folklorica bus company.
Bus fares are around $5-10USD.

Private Transfers from Liberia center

For a direct and private transport option, taxis can be arranged from Liberia to Villas Pura Vibra.
Costs typically range between $120 and $160USD depending on the departure point.


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